Vijay Bains

Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Group Head of ESG
Emirates NBD

Vijay Bains


Vijay Bains is the first-ever Group Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Emirates NBD Bank, Head Office, Dubai, U.A.E.

Prior to joining ENBD, Vijay was at KPMG in the UK where he has worked across Sustainability, advising client on Sustainable Finance, ESG Strategy, ESG Regulations. He has held roles across other leading organizations like Ernst and Young, Lloyds Banking Group and the European Bank of Reconstruction & Development.

Vijay has extensive experience building and implementing ESG strategies and teams. He has designed and marketed sustainability loans and green bonds, while advising on sustainability for IPOs, as well as designing and building ESG finance products such as mortgages, loans, and insurances

Vijay brings over 15+ years of sustainability experience to the role across the Middle East, UK, Europe, and North America. Vijay is responsible for the end-to-end ESG strategy including the introduction of more sustainable practices, policies, and outcomes across Emirates NBD Group.

He is not only responsible to increase the Bank’s sustainable finance offerings, investments, provide customers with greater advisory services to support their net-zero transition but also be responsible for the Corporate Governance requirements too. Vijay will significantly increase Emirates NBD Bank’s sustainability investments across the organization.

Lastly but not the least, Vijay plays a vital role in the Group’s journey to embed environmental, social and governance principles across the growing organization and business strategy. This is mission-critical for Emirates NBD Bank in delivering the vision and purpose in a sustainable way.

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