Henry Tillman

CEO & Founder
Grisons Peak

Henry Tillman


Henry Tillman has an international banking career of over 30 years. The initial decade was spent based in New York with major investment banks (including DLJ, Merrill Lynch and CSFB), focussed mostly on advising on US organisations on M&A and capital raising. Since 1992, he has been based in London, including a senior management role at Barclays Group, with a focus on Europe and Southeast Asia and at ABN AMRO, where he was a Wholesale Banking Board Member, managing a global business with a focus on Emerging Markets, in particular Asia. Mr Tillman also previously served as a Non Executive Director of Wells Fargo Securities Europe (2011-
2015). He was active in the Credit/Risk functions at all 3 major banks.

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Bonds, Loans & Sukuk 24 2020