Edoardo Sabatino

Vice President, Sustainable Finance Americas
Intesa Sanpaolo

Edoardo Sabatino


Edoardo Francesco Sabatino is in charge of Sustainable Finance deals of Intesa Sanpaolo, Corporate & Investment Banking division in the Americas.

He is based in New York, in the International Hub of the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking division, which is geared towards solid and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders in the United States of America and Latin American countries.

Edoardo spent a great extent of his career working in Sustainability, formerly in the Asia Pacific, where he developed businesses in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, India and Australia. He dealt with large corporate clients on bilateral and syndicated Sustainability-linked transactions. Furthermore, he has been an active member of different Institutional bodies advocating for a transition to a green and circular economy.

His roots rely upon the Innovation sector, formerly in Accenture and then in Intesa Sanpaolo, where he managed Big Data and Artificial Intelligence IMI C&IB projects. Furthermore, he worked at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, which is at the frontier of innovation, acting as an Ecosystem Catalyst and helping startups to scale up their business across the globe.

His commitment is to shape the way business is done, exploring business opportunities in the CleanTech and Circular Economy space to respect what we got and protect what remains in this loveable world.