Ben Mace

Head of Country, Ecuador

Ben Mace


Ben was born in Sydney, Australia and joined the Australian Army in 1995. He completed his Special Forces selection courses and saw active service in Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Iraq and Afghanistan before retiring in 2009. In 2009, Ben was appointed as General Manager Global Mobilizations for Toll Logistics and was responsible for establishing new country operations for numerous government organizations and the United Nations in countries including Somalia, Cote de Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Chad, Congo, Eritrea, Gabon, Iraq, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Haiti.

In 2011, Ben made the transition to BHP starting with Minerals Exploration in Perth. Over the last 8 years Ben has been involved in Exploration across Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Australia, Gabon, Zambia, Ethiopia, Russia, Peru, Chile, USA, Canada and is now the Head of Country in Ecuador.

Ben has a Bachelor of Business, MBA in Business Management and a MBA in Project Management.