Ana Tripovic

Head of Public Credit
Ministry of Finance, Serbia

Ana Tripovic


Ana Tripović leads the Public Debt Administration since September 2018. Hers responsibilities include domestic and

international funding ensuring that governments’ financing needs and payment obligations are met at the lowest

possible cost, with a prudent level of risk and in a transparent manner, portfolio and liability management, state budget liquidity management as well as the development of the domestic government securities market. She started career in 2002 at broker dealer company Senzal as head of brokerage operations. In 2007, after acquisition by KBC Securities from Brussels, become the President of BoD responsible for overall business and management strategy. On July 2011, as former manager and president of the BoD, she acquired the company and change the company’s name into Wise broker. Throughout the years she has built up Wise broker in reputable, credible and reliable partner and highly respected conservative brokerage and an investment company in Serbia.

During her brokerage career, she represented international institutional clients on serbian financial market in a numerous transactions and road shows and several privatizations in Serbia for both domestic and foreign clients. She has spearheaded some of the largest M&A transactions and projects in Serbia. In June 2019, as a member of delegation, she represented Republic of Serbia in its successfully return to the international capital markets with first ever euro denominated new issue for refinancing upcoming dollar bond maturities.