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TAM Finans is the leading non-bank SME lending platform with unique business model and expertise in receivable financing. Currently operating with a factoring license, TAM implements a granular strategy focusing on small-ticket deals and micro-SMEs, targeting specifically the “unbanked / under-served” micro SME segment in Turkey. Backed by ACTERA Group and EBRD, the Company disrupted the market in the last 7 years, leading the market in terms of # of customers by far with 40% market share, positioning itself inside the top 10 players in terms of asset size whilst increasing its profitability with >50% Net Income CAGR during this period.

Using an in-house developed credit scoring / decisioning engine combined with a predictive risk management approach, TAM completes its credit decisions in less than 3 minutes, delivers the funds to its clients in 30 minutes and maintains a consistent track record in NPL generation, displaying a 0.7% NPL in more than 2.0 mn applications assessed historically by its system. With its direct sales force of 450 people distributed across the country in 39 branches and 14 mobile teams, TAM has an outstanding capability to tap ~3mn SMEs in Turkey with a wide & flexible geographical coverage that currently represents >80% of GDP. TAM is the first non-bank financial institution in Turkey with a certified R&D centre in-house and using this centre it aims to strengthen its "digital brand" perception and capabilities going forward.


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