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Revista RI - edited by IMF Editora Ltd. - was launched 25 years ago, in March 1998 and became the main Brazilian monthly magazine - focusing on Capital Markets and Investor Relations - especially aimed at the Brazilian investment community.

This recognition highlights the work of Revista RI, which for twenty-five years has been bringing to the attention of readers topics relevant to the development of the Brazilian capital market, such as: Corporate Communication, ESG: Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Branding, Value Creation, Corporate Law, Global Market, Activism, as well as experiences of Brazilian and foreign companies that can serve as examples or models in the field of investor relations.

Revista RI is made available to all finance and investor relations directors and executives of all Brazilian public companies, in addition to institutional and individual investors, financial analysts and investment professionals from the main institutions that participate in Brazilian financial and capital market , and to all those who directly or indirectly participate in the capital market in Brazil.

Digital Edition: In addition to the "print edition" – Revista RI can also be "fully" accessed, at any time and anywhere in the world, through the "digital edition", available in PDF format - which can be downloaded from link available on our website:

The circulation and penetration of Revista RI, therefore, reaches the most important sectors of Brazilian economy, representing an indispensable source of consultation and reference for those responsible for making investment decisions in Brazil.

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