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LIV Cape Town is part of the LIV Group, a nationwide orphaned and vulnerable children charity with a ten-year track record.

In early 2023, we will open our early child-hood development centre (“ECD”) in the under-resourced community of Fisantekraal, in Cape Town. The community is experiencing rapid population growth and has a critical shortage of quality ECD facilities.

LIV Cape Town will accommodate 120 of the most vulnerable children in Fisantekraal. Our children will learn in a caring, nurturing environment, which will foster their emotional and physical development during these critical formative years.

In line with our vision to create jobs in our local communities, LIV Cape Town will employ sixteen members of staff. We will also use our site to establish social enterprises, such as a bakery. This will allow us to create additional jobs and offer valuable skills training in this high unemployment area. The recurring income from our social enterprises will also contribute to our important goal of self-sustainability.

LIV Cape Town has capacity for a second school on our site in the future. We believe this may be a primary school for children with learning challenges, thereby meeting another critical community need.

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