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KIB: More than just a bank, but a partner for life

For KIB, life has always been a journey of continuous evolution, and since the establishment, the Bank has maintained a dynamic and forward-looking approach to its business and operations.

Established in 1973 as Kuwait Real Estate Bank, the Bank played a prominent role on the national stage by helping finance one of the most important sectors in Kuwait. The major turning point came in July 2007, when the Bank spearheaded the first transformation of its kind in the Middle East; from a conventional real estate bank to a full-service bank operating in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shari’ah.

In 2018, KIB took the next step in its journey and embarked on a strategic transformation: a comprehensive and long-term program, which aimed at transforming the way KIB engages with customers across every touch point and communication channel – establishing itself as a partner in every aspect of its customers’ lives; a true “Bank for Life”.

KIB offers a full suite of Islamic Banking services and solutions, in addition to innovative banking technology in line with the best international standards.


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