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Founded in 2011, ISFIN is an advisory firm specializing in emerging markets. Their conception of the “emerging market” is both geographical (country) , technological (new products and services) and geo-economical (agreements, conflicts,…)

ISFIN advises private and public companies on strategy, international trade, market intelligence, marketing, business development and Capital raising

ISFIN is supported by a network of law firms and chartered accountants in 75 countries enabling us to act as a “One stop shop” to cater the needs of their clients willing to expand inbound and outbound.

ISFIN offers high value-added consulting services to export agencies, public entities, financial institutions, companies that have specific needs abroad or wish to enter these foreign markets in as part of their internationalization.

ISFIN's international presence (Glocal: Global + Local) allows them to penetrate a majority of markets. ISFIN also have mandates with financial institutions (banks, investment funds, etc.) to help them raise capital and investments for different types of projects.

Their services include:

• Economic intelligence

• Marketing strategy

• Business Development

• Internationalization

• Digitization

ISFIN have been recognized by the Financial Times FT Innovation Awards as the most innovative company in its business strategy.

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